Pricing and Plans for EV

Use the Electrify Canada app to see real-time pricing

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Pricing Information

Pricing for DC fast charging is determined by charger location and your plan. Real-time pricing is available in the app or at the charger.

In the app:
  • To view pricing in the app, select the station from the map
At the charger:
  • View pricing on the charger screen at any station. Idle fees may be imposed for parking time after your charging session has ended.

Please refer to the charger screen for the most up-to-date information concerning pricing, power levels, and idle fees for your session. You can also view these details in your Electrify America app.

Ways to pay


Credit or debit card

Swipe or tap your card on the
credit card reader at the charger

Pass or Pass+ Members

Pay contact-free with the app

Just add a card to your app
profile to pay seamlessly

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Get Premium Offers in the app

Your vehicle could qualify for a Premium Offer. Download the Electrify Canada mobile app to see all plans.

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Frequently asked questions about payment and membership